About us

Who we are

A team that loves to create

Since our inception NIKUM had thrived in market based on innovation and quality. We began as a spares manufacturer in 1991, entering the switchgear market in 2001 and had come a long way since then. Throughout our journey, we have experienced different product & markets. Our principal strategy had always been to focus and develop on the best available technology rather than opting for conventional market trends. Today NIKUM is proud to announce itself one of the leaders under its product portfolio. Our mission is to become a leading solution provider for green power.


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What we do

Keep it simple

We have a wide range of product & services under our portfolio. Majorly we serve power distribution and steel industry. We believe in selling solutions instead of product to our clients. Under this agenda our primary activities of operation include switchgear manufacturing, power quality analysis & improvement and industrial automation. We have also been consultant to some reputed clients.