Station LINK

Lean and powerful SCADA


With the day to day advancements in technology, we need something for our power substations which should be capable of supervising and monitoring things for us, an Automation System, taking away all those complexities and time-consuming works to make system easy and fast to operate. To achieve the successful automation in our power substations, the solution we are looking for needs to be fast, reliable, secure and efficient all at the same time. All these can be achieved with the help of  Nikum's Station LINK.

Nikum's Station LINK is one complete solution to the Power Substation Automation with all the required features loaded and many more. Station LINK is a SCADA for Power Substations. In NIKUM, we strongly focus on the field of Automation of Power System through our researches and the manufacturings of various automation Switchgear equipment, services & solutions. Station LINK is one of those powerful solutions.

After years of analysis, research & advancement, Nikum's research team successfully found the key parameters which later helped to improve our systems and add features which are more likely to be helpful in an Automation System. Thus, Nikum's Station LINK is one more step towards advancement of Automation System.


The Human Machine Interface (HMI) of Nikum's Station LINK is simple in operating but at the same time powerful without any compromise with the efficiency, reliability & security. Simplicity can be one of the highlighted features of any system. The Station LINK comprises a system which hides the complexities making it easy to understand and operate.

Nikum's Station LINK is a technology of new era but it is designed in such a way that it can be deployed even with the existing conventionally designed substations in a very less time with the use of standard accessories. The Station LINK has a simple but versatile architecture which offers plenty of space for possible future upgradations.

As the communication plays a vital role in any automation system and Nikum's Station LINK uses enhanced security features with a wide range of configurations and options for security. The Station LINK communication module accumulates raw data from various field devices and provides aggregate trending information which further can be stored or converted into customizable reports to analyzes the proper working of a substation.

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